The Heights at Wailuna is a planned community in which homeowners wanting to alter the exterior of their homes or their property are required to submit an alteration/modification application via the Managing Agent to the Architectural Committee for review and submission to the Board of Directors for approval. Some requests may also require approval by the Lessor.

These Alteration/Modification applications are first reviewed by the Architectural Committee, Unless otherwise empowered to act on behalf of the Board on alteration/modification requests, the Committee will submit the request with its recommendations to the Directors for Board action at next scheduled Board Meeting. Following Board action and action by the Lessor (if required), the homeowner will be notified of approval, disapproval, or if additional information is required.

Approval or disapproval of this application is for aesthetic purposes only, and does not in any way indicate an opinion of safety, structural quality or soundness of the building plan or other proposed improvement by the Heights of Wailuna Association's Architectural Committee and Board of Directors. The Homeowner is responsible for obtaining and posting a permit that is required by the City and County of Honolulu.

The links below will provide you information on rules and regulations, and Board policies which govern most exterior alterations or modifications.

Additionally you may also print the Application for Modifications, Additions, or Improvements and fill it out for submittal to the Architectural Committee via the Managing Agent.

Any questions you may have should be directed to our managing agent, Donna LaFrance at 539-9722 or via e-mail at
Guidelines Architectural/ Modifications Guidelines  (April 21, 2015) View
Paint Policy  (guidelines revision 4.8) View
Clothesline Policy  (final) View
Board Architectural Policies Antenna View
Solar Devices View
Pergola  (August 16, 2007) View
Service Line Repairs  (July 16, 2009) View
Forms Application for Modifications, Additions or Improvements
(Rev 3 - 110928)
  Maintenance Work Order form (Rev 03.15.2013) View
For your convenience, you can upload your completed forms directly to Donna at Hawaiian Properties. These forms consist of the following:

Maintenance Work Order
Application for Modifications, Additions or Improvements

1. Click on the "view" button next to the form
2. Download the form to your computer
3. Fill it out and save a copy.
4. Sign the form.
5. Select the "Browse" button on this page, find the form and
    select it. 
6. Click "Send".
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